Thursday, April 7, 2011

This little light.....

Yesterday I had a land mark moment.

To most people it will not be a big deal and you will wonder why I would take the time to blog about it.

To others, who have lived under a land lord you will very much relate to the momentus nature of the moment.

Yesterday, I took a screw in hanger, measured out where to put it, and screwed it into my ceiling.

Did you get that?

I screwed a hook into my ceiling to hang something up.

No writing to land lords to ask permission, no promising to poly fill and paint, no justifying why I might need a screw there. No explaining how I was going to do it, or who would be responsible for damages.

It was the most freeing moment.

Here is the finished product.

I hung a tea light holder.

A beautiful gift from a lady in the Life Group I lead on a Tuesday night.

A gift to be treasured. I had prayed (yes weird I know) that I would find the perfect spot for it, somewhere that it would be seen and enjoyed.

My alcove was perfect.