Saturday, March 19, 2011

The motivation of love

This is the part of moving I hate the most. You have moved your stuff, done the tip runs and now it's time to clean.

It has been my unfortunate experience that for 95% of my rental life (12 + years if you count uni) that I have not moved into a place as clean as I have left the last one. Or as clean as I go on to leave the current one.

It is living on kingdom principles that have driven this, leave life, light and blessing in your wake.

It has been sadly unveiled to me this week that my motivations haven't always been pure in doing this.

I have believed some how in the back of my mind that I have been partly driven on by the hope that one day I might reap that on earth.

Rather than loving for loves sake.

Our new house, our own house will be no different. Just as muscles start to relax and unwind from this job, they will be quickly recalled into action

I hope, one day I might reach the stage where I lose count of the ways that I love, and love freely without expectation of reward, in this life or the next.

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  1. Somehow I missed that you were "moving" from FB to here ... I am so glad I found you again! Love your post. I have been guilty of similar things - doing something for what people will think of me, rather than doing it just because it is the right thing to do - to love without expectation of return. It is a difficult think to live with our focus going outward, rather than inward. Love you, girl!

  2. Um ... that would be "difficult thinG" ... need more coffee! LOL

  3. I haven't really moved, just taking some time off over lent from facebook.

    But I am here.

    I was listening to a teaching the other day (might have been Steve Backlund or Bill Johnson), and he was talking about introspection.

    He came to the realization that as introspective a person as he was, it never caused him to grow. That it had dawned on him, that his introspection just wasn't working for him.

    So he decided to make a shift, and stop focusing inward, and start focusing outward.... toward Jesus.

    It was only then he saw growth.

    I am a very much a naval gazer. I love to ponder, and look deep within. I don't think he was saying it was bad, just that it hadn't really got him anywhere.

    Something for more for me to ponder.

    Anyway lovey, how have you been? How's business, and teaching and your beautiful family?