Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Negativity Fast...

As part of the study I am doing over Lent, we are encouraged to go on a fast from our negativity.

This does not mean being an ostrich and putting my head in the sand, and ignoring the issues of life. Nor does it mean backing away from dealing with people/relationships in a respectful and authentic manner.

It does mean, actively pursuing a positive way of thinking.

Easy right?

I wish.

See what I mean?

I would find this activity slightly easier if I lived in a Jacksonesque bubble, somewhere away from reality and the world around me. But I don't. There is traffic, builders, joiners, plumbers, children, adults, banks, mobile phone companies a census to get my head around....

So what am I doing today to help me in my pursuit?

I am using a 5 letter word to aid me.

Yes, I am saying THANK a lot.

I give thanks for the ability to drive.
I give thanks for the luxury of having builders working on my house.
I give thanks for the freedom to have my children at home with me on a daily basis.

How do you stay on top of negative thoughts?

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